Remember a long time ago when I posted this 2017 goals post? Seems like a lifetime ago, really, because so much has happened since December 30th! We closed on a house, moved, our boy turned 3, we’ve had house guests twice, hosted Easter & a farewell party & an engagement celebration dinner, celebrated 7 years of marriage and roadtripped to Texas. We have painted a room, decorated the house, bought a new mattress, bought Jonathan a big boy bed, and brought some family furniture into a 5th generation of use. Our BSF year came to a close in May, we watched Camden for a few days in March and we’ve begun planning/executing a backyard makeover to make it a better space for our family. To say we’ve been busy is a bit of an understatement.

And now it’s June. The year is nearly half over and we still have so much to look forward to ahead.

First, looking back at goals for the last few months:

March: No Starbucks – success!

April: Read 3 Books – fail. I read a book in March, I should have saved it for April, ha!

May: Move 100 Miles – fail. I want to give myself a pass because I spent the better part of two full days in a car going to and from Texas, but honestly, I was further off goal than I should have been even without taking those days into consideration.

June’s goal is to take a class. The good news is that I’ve already enrolled. I’ll be taking Principles of Photo Composition and Digital Image Post-Production through Coursera. Taught by two professors at Michigan State University, this course is free to audit. I think it’s important to continue honing my craft, so this should be a great course to take. The third week will cover fundamental aspects of Lightroom, which I have been wanting to learn for a while now. Class starts on June 5 and lasts 4 weeks. If you haven’t taken a Coursera class before, I do recommend them! I’ve taken two other courses in the past and it’s nice to get to learn something without paying an arm and a leg and on your own schedule!

June is gonna be fun. Things to look forward to this month:

The Moore side of my family will be in town June 6-14!

My Gram & Grandpa will be in town June 8-12!

Father’s Day is June 18 and Stephen’s birthday is June 21, so a double dose of doting on my handsome husband/father of my child

June 24-25: Stephen is participating in BikeMS to raise money for MS research – if you want to support his ride, you can donate here ((DONATE))

June 27 is Mom’s birthday, but I won’t get to see her then, but will get to see her a few days later when we head to CA for my cousin Tori’s wedding!!


And now, for what you’re actually here for… PHOTOS!

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