Best of March 2017


March Madness. Just kidding, I don’t actually care about basketball, but my alma mater did punch their ticket to the NCAA tournament this year for the first time ever, so that’s kind of cool. So, go Aggies! Of course the only reason I know this is because the school then sent me an email hitting me up for some alumni donations to support student-athletes.


This playlist
, crafted by Jessica over at Garvin & Co.  I’ve been following this blog for years and love it. Every so often she puts out a playlist for a specific holiday or season and since I recently joined the rest of the world in using Spotify, I went ahead and made the playlist there (with proper credit of course) so that I could try it out. I’ve been listening to it since before Valentines Day – it’s a great mix of old & current and slow & fast.


This amazing wall art made by Jonathan’s crazy talented Uncle Aaron over at Radioactive Art NV – Aaron took our special request for Jonathan’s superhero bathroom and brought it to life. Hand drawn and painted, Jonathan is loving naming all the superheroes on it during every bath! [Yes, we do mix the Marvel and DC Universes and I’m sure there are some people who disagree with that, but my kid is 3 and loves them all.] Thank you Aaron for helping make our new home even better!!

My two boys being adorable. The best of every month & every day. {Sorry for the poor quality/lighting – we were out to dinner and restaurant lighting can be rough.}

Having a Potty Trained Kid
Jonathan really took to potty training this time around (we tried right after he turned two and though he did okay – sometimes – I don’t think he was 100% ready so we waited and then I procrastinated a bunch and then we moved and then I decided to try again- sorry, kid). A combination of bribery via stickers and M&Ms got us started but he really got it this time and has been successfully using the potty for a few weeks now without needing bribes. The only time he wears a pull up (or using up the last of our diaper stash) is at night because we haven’t converted his crib to a toddler bed yet so he can’t get out without us, but we’re planning to do that as soon as we get his furniture anchored to the wall (hopefully this weekend). He’s really becoming a kid now, not a baby or a toddler, which makes me sad but also happy. All the emotions.

Stephen’s Shortened Commute
The Engrain office moved at the end of February from a location about 40-45 minutes away to one 25-30 minutes away. The difference in commute has been great for him, but also for me. When 5pm hits, I’m anxious to see him after he works all day, and not having to wait as long makes me really happy. The old office route was subject to some crazy traffic, which meant that it often took longer than 45 minutes for him to get home (one time it took almost 2 hours). The more time Jonathan and I get to spend with Stephen, the better!


Brownie Brittle
For those of us who enjoy the finer things in life, by which I mean corner pieces, these are a pretty good treat without having to make a whole pan of brownies. Ibotta has a $1.00 rebate for them right now, and they’re on sale at King Soopers, so I figured that I’d try them. My middle-piece-loving-husband probably would have preferred that I actually make the pan of brownies, but they are tasty. I’m obviously holding on to the Whole30 life, right?


Two things in this photo: Sirius XM’s The Coffee House channel & ukulele covers by Jake Shimabukuro. The Coffee House is more singer-songwriter, acoustic versions of popular songs, or acoustic covers. I’ve found a few songs/artists that I wasn’t familiar with on this channel, but it’s also great for taking Jonathan on nap drives because it’s all acoustic. Secondly, this ukelele cover of Bohemian Rhapsody was so good, I went on Spotify and looked up Jake Shimabukuro’s artist page and found a handful of other covers. I’m actually listening to his cover of Hallelujah as I type this, surrounded by two little boys playing with toys all over our basement.


These two little boys. Oh man, are they cute together. We’ve been watching our nephew, Camden, for a few days while his parents are in Italy and it’s been really fun. Jonathan and Camden are finally at ages where they play together ( 3 and 1.5), so it’s been great to watch them interact and learn to share. Jonathan is kind of enjoying having someone to tell how to do things – in fact, this morning he told Cam how to use the potty. That conversation was hilarious. Jonathan has been ready to help Cam do things he’s not quite sure how to do and  make sure he doesn’t get too close to anything dangerous. Jonathan is learning a lot about sharing, though sometimes when he wants what Camden has, he tells us that Camden wants to share with him. It’s a work in progress. Camden’s Aunt Lauren will fly in from North Carolina and pick him up tomorrow, so we’re going to be sure and enjoy the rest of the day with two boys.

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