Things I Love Lately

75 degree days in March

IMG_6014Guys, yesterday I went out on my deck and read sitting in the sun. Stephen was off on a training ride with Brandon and Jonathan was asleep and it was glorious. Driving with the windows down gives me life. Jonathan enjoys it about half of the time, so I’ll have to work on that, but there’s something so joyous about the sun shining, surprise plants blooming in our front yard (my neighbor said they’re tulips – my favorite!) and getting some color from being out in the sun for a short while (thanks, Mexican genes!). And can we talk about the sun not setting until after 7pm? My favorite. My mind is already spinning thinking of ways to improve our backyard and make it more useful for our family. There’s talk of a lifting platform, a path in the former dog run area, re-staining the deck, and laying new sod. Yes, a lifting platform. #crossfitwifelife

Speaking of Crossfit…
Stephen and I subscribed to the Crossfit Journal last week, and have been enjoying watching the Behind the Scenes videos from last year’s Crossfit Games. Something my husband has learned well is that if you want me to like something, get me emotionally invested in the people involved. I know as much about the athletes as people who actually do Crossfit do.

We also had the almost the whole Rabon family over to watch Fittest on Earth, which chronicled last year’s Crossfit Games. It was fun to get to have everyone together, eat pizza, and watch other people workout while simultaneously stuffing my face with bread and cheese.

Pizza, Girl Scout Cookies, TACOS
Stephen and I just finished up our 4th Whole30, so that pizza while watching Crossfit was consumed on our first day eating like “normal.” It. Was. So. Good. I started my day with Samoas and coffee, which was a real treat (especially since I got them the day after we started Whole30 and they sat in the freezer calling my name for 30 days). Two nights ago we went out for tacos and I may have literally been dancing in my chair. Whole30 is great though- it’s a good way to test yourself and to break bad habits. I think it’s healthy to occasionally see what you’re capable of and how strong your willpower can be. For me, this is much easier done with food than with, say, actually working out – haha.

Jonathan’s Strong Personality
Extrovert. Sanguine. Friendly. Funny. Confident. Energetic. Playful. Just a few words that I would use to describe our boy. I love watching his little personality grow and show itself. He’s so fun and I just love watching him express himself in different ways.


Jonathan and Camden have been destined to be besties since we found out Camden was a boy, but they are really getting to an age where they can play together! Now that Cam can walk/run and keeps up with Jonathan, they’re an extremely cute force to be reckoned with. Jonathan takes the lead in mischief, but Camden is right there with him! They’re learning to share and to play gently, and it’s REALLY cute.

Besties – just like their dads!

We get to have Camden stay with us for a few days later this month, and it’s going to be so fun watching them play together. The last time Cam stayed over night was a year ago, so they are so much more better matched to play at their current ages. I foresee a lot of running and laughing, followed by some extremely tired boys every night!

The Year of Small Things
I just finished this book yesterday, and I am already planning to re-read it. I really enjoyed it, and any book that causes me to examine my life & heart is definitely one that I want to read again. $10 on Amazon is a steal. So many good parts of this book that I could quote (or post pictures of on my instagram) , but this one really touched me as we have just moved into a new neighborhood and are meeting our neighbors:

We’ve started to see our neighbors as branches that we might be grafted to as the wind may blow or the great Horticulturist works some magic. I’m not sure how knowing my neighbors’ names and bringing them scones for Christmas does it, but grafting takes time. How are you sharing mundane moments with the people who live closest to you? This is not the classic “missional” or “evangelistic” stuff. We don’t lead with “Hey, have you met Jesus?” It’s much more subtle. We don’t look alike or organize our lives around the same values, yet we still talk about our kids while we’re raking the leaves. By the dawn light, we yell at our dogs to stop chasing squirrels; we wave to each other in our pajamas from our respective side doors. We know their routines, and they know ours. We’re starting to know people “in their ordinariness.” And someday, we may know them in their pain, their triumphs, and whatever else falls in the middle.”

I suggest it. In fact, if you want to read it, I’ll let you borrow my copy. I’ve just started Mere Christianity so I won’t be re-reading it just yet.

Upcoming Excitingness
Spring/Summer plans are starting to take shape and we have a lot to look forward to soon!
– Camden staying with us (March)
– Mom coming out for Easter (April)
– Our 7th wedding anniversary (April)
– Road trip to Texas for Crossfit Regionals / Visiting the Rabon side of the family (May)
– Gram & Grandpa Tom coming to visit (June)
– My cousin Tori’s wedding (July)


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