Rabon Hat Trick

Well, here we are with the third, and most likely final, installment of the Rabon Hat Trick blog series. Why final, you ask? Well, since the last time I wrote in March we found out that we were expecting a FOURTH little Rabon baby!

It’s kind of weird that here I am 28 weeks in and I haven’t mentioned on this blog that we have another baby – another baby girl – on the way. Since the Hat Trick name only works with three, I’ll have to come up with something new to call updates once our littlest Rabon gets here. For the time being, let’s catch up on what the other kids are up to these days.

Jonathan [7 ¾ years old]: This kid is so smart, you guys. The other day he casually rattled off that Gandhi got married at 13 and I googled it and it’s true. He’s a sponge and remembers everything that he reads. I love that he wants to watch documentaries and nature shows – cause I really want to watch them too – and that I overhear him telling the girls we carpool with all the random facts he learns. He might look like his dad but the head full of random knowledge trait came from me. He loves to sit and read the Children’s Illustrated Bible his Uncle Matt & Aunt Victoria got him and ask me all the questions about the side notes. He’s super creative and draws detailed pictures and even wrote a letter to the new baby the other night (cue tears) about all the fun things they’ll do together. He says he’s going to write a book next.

Jonathan has recently been pursuing athleticism in our garage, doing pull-ups and dead hangs on the bar. The kid has officially done more pull-ups in his life than I have. He’s also discovered a little place around the corner that he can practice little jumps on his bike. He’s also playing through Halo with his dad and they make a pretty great team.

Abigail [3 years old]: Abigail is over-the-top in all the fun ways. She has her own sense of style and can often be found in a princess dress (or two or more layered ones) saying “Check out me!” while twirling and curtseying. She picks up on all the little dialogue in movies and now calls people “my darlin'” and at times curtseys while saying “your majesty.” We’ve hit the Disney Princess phase hard and she’s on a regular rotation of Cinderella & The Little Mermaid (with some Aladdin and Tangled thrown in). She loves to sing and dance and her current favorite song is Amy Grant’s El Shaddai, which sounds a bit like “Elsa Died” when she asks for it.

Abigail does not want to be left out of anything, and if Jonathan is outside playing with the neighbor kids there’s nowhere she would rather be than in the thick of it too. Her cuteness continues to be rivaled only by her destructive capabilities and she is teaching Hannah her ways. Together, they’re “entropy embodied” according to their dad.

Hannah [22 months old]: She is in the most fun stage right now. Her language is exploding – every day when Stephen comes home from work he says she’s saying a word he’s never heard her use before. She’s really coming into her own personality and it’s fun to see who she is becoming, though she is quite stubborn. That must be from her dad. Some of my favorite Hannah words/phrases are “wheeze” for please and “welcome” when she should be saying thank you. She gets very mad if Abigail starts singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the same time she does – your girl knows she deserves a solo!

She loves all things Minnie and calls the other characters by cute names – “Uh-fy” for Goofy and “Duck!” for Donald. She’s still an adventurous eater and we call her the “Some Police” because the second we are eating anything she walks up, “Some?” And even if it is spicy, she’s coming back for more like it’s nothing. The combo of “Some, wheeze?” is enough to melt the coldest of hearts.

We feel so blessed that we have been given these three, and can’t wait to see how Baby Sister fits into the joy and chaos.

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