34 Weeks



34 weeks
34 weeks


How far along? 34 weeks

Maternity clothes? Still wearing some of my non-maternity shirts, though I am warned against stretching out my clothes.

Sleep: I sleep really well and don’t have trouble going to sleep. Apparently I’ve started snoring though 😦 My poor husband.

Best moment this week:  Spending the weekend in Victorville with Dad’s side of the family. It had been way too long since we’d been to the High Desert – last time was when we were dating and I took Stephen to Disneyland. No wonder he married me 😉

Miss Anything? Second trimester energy – I’m starting to get tired faster. But honestly, if that’s all I have to complain about I’d say I’m pretty lucky.

Movement: Baby is very active. I feel like Baby already has such a funny personality based on when Baby kicks me. Like I really think our Baby is hilarious and we haven’t officially “met” yet.

Food cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Bronco hysteria 😉 but that’s not pregnancy related.

Have you started to show yet: Hahaha yes, I’m definitely long past the “is she pregnant or just gaining weight” phase. People still keep telling me that I look small for as far along as I am, but I think Baby is growing like crazy!

Gender: Believe it or not, we still don’t know. People have started to hypothesize that we found out but are keeping it a secret. I assure you that is not the case. The closer we get, the more I start to think about when our baby comes and when we get to meet our little one. But the funny thing is that I still don’t think much about the gender of the baby, but more about who the baby will look like and what personality our little person will have.

Belly Button in or out? I honestly don’t understand how it hasn’t popped out yet. It continually looks like it wants to come out but has yet to do so.

Wedding rings on or off? Around my neck.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: The Rabon side of the family being here in just over a week, Christmas, New Years, our 7 year dating anniversary and getting into January when any time could be baby time!

Baby Facts for 34 weeks:

  • Baby weighs around 5 pounds & is 18-20 inches long
  • Baby is packing on fat layers
  • Baby’s central nervous system and lungs are becoming more mature
  • Baby can recognize and react to simple songs – time to start listening to “The Autumn Wind” on repeat 🙂


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