Six Months

Six months. One half of a year. As I sit here, watching our six month old son happily entertain himself in his exersaucer, I can’t believe that half of his first year of life has passed. He’s grown and changed so much during the last 181 days. He gets more handsome every day. Okay, I […]

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Countdown to Thirty

Last weekend, Stephen turned thirty years old. Much like everything else in life, he took it in stride, with grace and dignity. Despite his loving wife making “you’re old” jokes, he entered his thirty-first year of life readily. We had a small get together with friends and family to celebrate his thirtieth, as well as […]

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Our Journey to Parenthood

This blog was written by me for cord, an online community dedicated to connecting women through stories of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and more. It can be found in that original format here. Cord seeks to unite women from all walks of life and locations through the shared experience of motherhood, so please check out their site and possibly share your […]

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Rookie Mom Tales

Here we are, 5 weeks and 5 days into our sweet baby boy’s life and I feel like I might actually be getting the hang of some of this mom stuff! I always felt like when you became a mom all of a sudden you know everything. Like out comes the baby, in comes the […]

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I Never…

I spent some time during my run last night thinking about how funny life is. Here I was, passing mile four, thinking about the fact that I never thought I would or could be a runner. I never thought I could run an entire mile. In high school P.E., on mile day, my best friend […]

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Thoughts on Friendship

I’m in the middle of two books right now, “The Happiness Project” and “Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit,” and both have just touched on the subject of friendship. And since one of my goals is to spend time nurturing relationships, I found these parts to be particularly salient in my quest […]

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